Africa Genesis Foundation

An American Initiative for Self-Reliance

Pit Latrine & Bath Stalls
Pit Latrine - toilet seat
Lake Victoria Near Girls' Hostel
Life in Africa
No Dirty Water at Girls' Hostel!
Python Inside Water Tank
       Preventive Health - Provision of Clean Water 
AGF donors contributed money to purchase a 1,500 liter (in black) water tank & to buy masonry materials, brick & cement, to protect the water tank. Though brick wall was completed, a portion had to be torn down to eradicate a boa snake. 
Funds are needed to refurbish the brick wall. 
         Preventive Health - Shoes
Shoes AGF donors purchased for orphan girls in Western Kenya. Shoes are known as hard street shoes, opposed to "slippers" (thongs). Plastic basins are for bathing.
     Street Shoes & Washing Basins
The shoes prevent parasites from entering the girls toes and feet and protect the girls from germs when using the pit latrine.
                      Bath House
Washed clothes are hung on rope or laid on ground to dry.
         Orphan Girls' Hostel, Kenya
Girls relaxing at play on school compound.