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Rev. and Mrs. Philip Krause


In Honor of:

Rev. Jane Larson-Wigger

Rev. & Mrs. Bill Koshewa

Rev. Mark Spalding

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Trautwein

Mr. & Mrs. David Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Steilberg

Kathy Learn

Kim Clements

Carol Krause

Susan Wells Krause


Memorial Donations for deceased relatives and friends can be made by check or credit card. An acknowledgement card will be sent to you for the family of the deceased. If address is provided, we will send card directly to the family. Please indicate. AGF will send a receipt to donor, indicating tax-deductible contribution. (AGF is a not-for-profit 501.c.3 organization.)

Memorial Donations fund AGF Program Services.

Donation by Check, mail to:

Africa Genesis Foundation

P.O. Box 224

Utica, IL 61373-0224 USA


Donation by Credit Card or PayPal:

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