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AGF Donors Sponsored
New Water Tank
St. Mary's Hostel for Orphan Girls 
Port Victoria, Kenya
Headmistress (nun), priest (white shirt/black pants), and community women, praying in thanksgiving  to God and blessings for their AGF benefactors. Community helper drawing first, fresh water from the new tank.
District Officer, Headmistress, Local Chief, Teacher, AGF Staff Samuel, Construction Leader, meeting to approve new water tank.
Sister Headmistress personally taking responsibility and control of AGF Donor money, paying Construction Leader first installment to start the job.
Replacing old water tank, tearing down brick retainer wall.
Preparing cement foundation as base for new water tank.
Washing cement foundation. Old water tank, 5 years old, in background. Plastic could not withstand the tropical sun.
Headmistress (inside) purchasing and AGF Staff Samuel, transporting cement and construction materials for the water tank on motorcycle.
Headmistress purchasing building materials for the water tank.
Headmistress paying for building supplies with money from AGF donors.