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WHERE – Okwangai Village, North Uganda, 100 Families

1. Mother’s Wells – Water Security

Clean Water: Avoid typhoid, cholera, dysentery, muddy water.

Clean Water: Prevent rape of women and girls fetching water at night.

Well I: Need internal structures, equipment, and pump.

Well II: Geologist’s assessing water table, digging well, transporting materials.


2. Maternal-Child Health

Foam Mattresses: For mothers sleeping with their infants on rags on hut dung floor.

Ergometrine: For birthing mothers, for heavy bleeding after childbirth to causes contractions of the uterus.   

Mosquito Nets: For mothers to nurse their infants and not contract malaria.


3. Nutrition – Women and Children

Food Staples: Cassava, millet, milk, tea, salt, and sugar to prevent starvation.

Commodities: For family gardens, bags (1,000 lbs.) of maize seeds and fertilizers.  


4.    4. Adopt-a-Tree: Nutrition thru Sustainable Land Development  

F    Fruit Seedlings: Mango, paw-paw, and orange, approx. $0.40 to $0.55 each.

Wo Wood Seedlings: Pine and eucalyptus, approx. $0.15 each.

Mo Moringa Seedlings: Combat nursing mothers and infant malnutrition; lower blood glucose, cholesterol,

infl  inflammation, filter water, fire wood, livestock forage, draw rain for crops, and sell fruit at market. 

Okwangai Women's Well
Site for digging new well. 
Women and children travel through the night to get to the well early to draw and carry water for daily needs. Women and young girls risk being raped in night travel.
Typical Ugandan grasshut in villages, grass thatched roof, tree branches for support, mud or dung walls and floor, simple chair outside. The blue and pink items on the roof are the way of drying hand-washed clothes.
Inside grasshut, drape for partitioning a room, say sleeping quarter, pot for cooking, bags of maize, yellow jerricans for carrying water or storing items, "God is Good" on the wall.
Okwangai Women's Well - Uganda
Okwangai Village Women and children travel long distances on narrow paths through tall bush, often without shoes over hard ground to queue for water. 
Okwangai children waiting for the new Women's Well in their village. The new Women's Well will be similar to the above well with pump handle, located many kilometers from their home, too far.