Africa Genesis Foundation

President's Appeal for Kenya & Uganda


Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Dressing, Pumpkin Pie – all smells of the season are in the air. As Thanksgiving approaches, I am giving thanks to you for all your support over all the years. Too, I am asking you, as you prepare Thanksgiving Day food, to think of people in rural western Kenya and northern Uganda where money from major organizations, churches, and governments does not reach.


I have received requests both from Sr. Pius and Regional Director Gilbert, beseeching me for money simply for food and water. Sr. Pius is stretching food. Even with the assistance I send to her on your behalf, she struggles to feed more than 65 orphans girls. Tropical sun has worn cracks in water tank over the years. Gilbert writes that women and children may eat one meal a day. Hardly enough.


As you may know, kwashiorkor is hunger from lack of protein. Malnutrition is hunger from not enough food or lack of full nutritional foods. In the case of Sr. Pius’ girls, they rarely have sufficient protein or totally balanced meal, like always lacking fruit. The main diet is ugali, a corn meal mush, and sukumawiki, most closely, like our kale. I always amuse myself with our always being on a diet, and if you really want to lose weight, Slim Fast? Go to Africa. With Gilbert’s mothers, infants, and children, millet flour mixed with cassava is the main fare. Gilbert called today, saying bad drought, no rain water for drinking, no food grows, severe famine, and much hunger.


I remember well millet meals. After 25 years, it is time I return to Kenya and Uganda to check on our program services and assess conditions first hand. Though I have sent local AGF staff to the areas, always, questions remain, such as the health conditions of Sr. Pius’ girls and the availability of food, water, gardening, and safety conditions in N. Uganda, transportation, food sources, and more.


Though we were able to succeed with young parents with a C-section and both mother and child are well; in western Kenya, a young father, 41, died 2 weeks ago – from hunger. The pain in the stomach was so bad that he turned to Chang’aa, like our moonshine, to fill an empty belly. The alcohol quickly spread through his empty digestive system and throughout his body and killed him.


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Thus, I am asking for your financial donations, and please mark your choice below:

___1) Food assistance for Kenya Sr. Pius’ girls.

___2) Food assistance for Uganda Gilbert’s mothers, infants, and children.

___3) Water assistance through new water tank for Sr. Pius’ girls & wells for mothers in N. Uganda.

___3) Travel expenses for Dr. Colleen to check AGF programs in KE & UG, target date March 2017.

___4) I am interested in traveling to KE and UG. 

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