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What AGF Funds


Dear Donors,


How can one teach and develop the orphaned girls in your care when you are also hungry? You were diligent in rationing the supplies received last time but there has been a lack of rain again. But, how do you ration ½ bag of corn to 65 girls and little food in the garden. Your prayers get greater as there is less and less on the shelves.

This is the plight of the nuns at the boarding school St. Mary’s Hostel for Girls in Port Victoria, Kenya. They have been the “mothers” to these young girls and teenagers, grooming them to be responsible, educated, employable young women on graduating. The girls have no homes. They would be on the streets. We are avoiding prostitution and sex slavery, promoting health and preventing disease.

We are their back-up when they call for help in purchasing the supplies needed.  Africa Genesis Foundation (AGF) has been there, ensuring funds in return for accountable spending and photos of supplies purchased.

When AGF collects US$200.00 it provides for three week’s supplies for them and their little farm. Our AGF team members work out of their home-offices to have as little overhead as possible, guaranteeing wise spending of your dollars.

Do you want to help now? Donate online on the AGF website via PayPal or Credit Card. You can follow us when you are logged onto FaceBook by searching for “Africa Genesis.” For official site, look for Dr. Colleen wearing a red tie and black jacket.

Kind Regards and Blessings,                                                           

C.L. Morris Astwood, B.Sc., M.D.

AGF Secretary 



Girls Receiving New Blankets, Western Kenya
Kalengo Village - Northern Uganda
Women drawing water from ground water. They request money to dig a proper well for clean water.
Theopistar - Midwifery Student at Lugazi School of Nursing and Midwifery accepted Theopistar into its program of Enrolled Midwifery, Northern Uganda