Africa Genesis Foundation

NGO Work Plan



Submitted to the

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Coordination Board

Nairobi, Kenya


1)  Health Promotion

      1. Water – Provision of and access to clean water through multi-thousand Liter tank reservoir for drinking, bathing, washing, and sanitation of environment and personal hygiene.


2. Food – Emphasis on Nutrition: Provision of adequate first-class proteins (beef and fish), fruits, vegetables, cooking oil, maize, rice, and sugar.

3. Clothing and Bedding – Provision of clean and more adequate clothes, dresses, shoes, petticoats, underwear, blouses, and sweaters, bed linens, mattresses, treated bed nets.


4. Medicines – Provision of prescribed and OTC drugs, anti-malarial, antibiotics, cough syrups, de-worming, bandages, and first aid supplies.

Disease Prevention

1. HIV – Emphasis on Nutrition: Provision of South African Nguni and Boer breed of goats, known for their highly nutritious milk for vulnerable and orphan HIV/AIDS infected children, as a remedy for poor nutrition which affects the bodily immune system.


2. HIV – Prevention of transmission of HIV/AIDS from child-to-child through provision of sanitary and anti-infective agents, disinfectants, washing soaps, bathing soaps, sanitary towels for menstruating young girls and education about blood-borne diseases and personal hygiene.


3. Malaria – Provision of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN) to combat opportunistic malaria to vulnerable orphan and HIV infected children with compromised immune systems.


4. TB – Provision of adequate nutrition as a remedy for opportunistic tuberculosis disease to vulnerable orphan and HIV infected children with compromised immune systems.


5. Information Exchange – Provision of guideline info from the “Kenya Home and Community-Based Care; Living with AIDS” and “Kenya National Guidelines; Nutrition and AIDS.” ©