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St. Clare Health Center, Orungo

Maternal-Child Ward

Foam Mattresses: For mothers and their newborn infants for preventive health care infection control.

Drug Ergometrine: For birthing mothers, to prevent heavy bleeding after childbirth by causing contractions of the uterus.  

Maternity Supplies: Sutures for post-delivery repair, blood pressure cuffs, and stethoscopes.

Mosquito Nets: For mothers to nurse their infants and not contract malaria.

AGF Provided Already:
New mattresses, latex gloves, mops, squeegees, and disinfectants (Vim, a cleanser, and Jik, a bleach) for blood and fluids of equipment and floors after deliveries.

Be merciful and compassionate.

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Administrator Incharge, Sr. Celestine, verifying receipt of AGF donor contributions.
Outside the Maternity Ward, expectant mothers waiting to deliver. They arrive days, even weeks, early so they do not deliver on the road while walking to the health center.
Expectant mothers wait outside the Maternity Ward on simple mats and kangas.
As part of Preventive Health, we seek donations for a new delivery bed to prevent risk of infections to mother and newborn infants.
New mother and her infant, one hour old, on new sanitary mattress, provided by AGF and our faithful donors, no new infection.
Newborn infant, one hour old, on new sanitary mattress, provided by AGF and our caring donors.
Before: Patients admitted to the health center, rested on dilapidated mattresses, risking contamination and infection.
After: Brand new mattresses, purchased  at the Joint Medical Store in Kampala, 450 km away, by AGF and our generous donors. St. Clare Administrator and management committee requested new mattresses and arranged local transportation to the health center.
We are not forgetting the men. New medical supplies, such as blood pressure cuffs, blankets, sheets, and pharmaceuticals, especially for malaria treatment, also need funding from compassionate donors.